Elevated Essentials Within Reach.

We believe in celebrating every woman's journey with elevated designs. That’s why we’ve made iconic designs within reach, offering luxury at an accessible price point.

How It Started

Luxury fashion design veteran Parisa Wang couldn’t find a designer handbag with a contemporary spin for under $1000 at Barneys New York in 2016, so she decided to shake things up. By partnering directly with some of the best manufacturers around the world and cutting out middlemen, the results were products that are an absolute dream - featuring essential design, premium quality, unbeatable prices, and up-cycled production practices.

Available to Just the Elite Few

Elevated designs should be accessible to all. Yet, in an industry where exclusivity reigns supreme, luxury handbags remain just out of reach for many. Dominated by fashion giants employing aggressive marketing tactics, these coveted accessories come with markups ranging from 100-500% or even higher, perpetuating a culture of exclusivity and scarcity rather than prioritizing sustainable consumption.

Therefore, We Challenge the Status Quo

By challenging traditional pricing models and prioritizing transparency, we're making luxury handbags attainable for everyone. Through direct partnerships with manufacturers and the elimination of unnecessary intermediaries, we break down barriers, ensuring exceptional quality products are within reach. Moreover, we enhance your shopping experience with worldwide shipping, free exchanges, and a one-year warranty on all products, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Quality is Paramount

Each piece is meticulously designed and developed in our Upper East Side design studio in New York City, using only the finest full-grain leather, suede, fabrics, and metals, all custom-made and thoughtfully sourced. Partnering with the very manufacturers trusted by luxury brands, our handbags are imbued with decades of expertise, ensuring they transcend mere commodities, becoming enduring, everyday staples designed to last a lifetime.

Design is The Heart and Soul

Each collection is a tribute to iconic women, drawing inspiration from their essence of their extraordinary moments, adventures, and dreams. With timeless designs crafted to evolve alongside you, our pieces are meant to accompany you through every phase of your journey—from this month, to this year, and beyond. Because here, it's not just about the bag you hold, but the life you lead.

Value is Everything We Do

We're committed to championing women and empowering them with the strength and confidence to thrive each day. That's why we take pride in offering accessible price points that everyone can appreciate, without sacrificing quality or style for a designer price tag. By cutting out unnecessary middlemen and eliminating insane markups, we keep our collections lean and produce on an upcycle basis, ensuring that you're not paying for a premium price tag, but rather investing in a piece of enduring quality and value.

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