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Miami Travel Guide From Lifestyle Blogger Sirin Isik

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By Sirin Isik 

We landed in Miami on Saturday evening around 6pm. My plan was just to get nice dinner and stroll around in Miami during the warm evening. We booked an Airbnb close to Wynwood. This was my first time in that area and I absolutely loved it. 

1- If you like the art scene and creative crowd then you have to visit Wynwood. Make sure to have a camera or smart phone with you. You don’t want to miss all the art. Trust me you will have to stop in every street and corner. 


I had dinner and drinks at @RHouseWynwood. It was a lounge and art gallery in one. 

Before dinner I stopped by the Wynwood walls to see its beautiful art. It's a unique outdoor art gallery displaying huge, colorful street murals by artists from around the globe.

After dinner I got drinks at a Bar called La La land. Stop by for a causal mojito drink or if you are just looking for a fun place to go out to. 

2- Day time in Wynwood : I am an early bird and like to wake up early.  Coffee makes my day longer. Since I really like Wynwood I just wanted to check it during day time. Believe me it was way different than at night time. We got some really delicious smoothies before heading out. 

Every time I travel, I always search for an Aesop store. A must - stop in the city has a store. Each store has their own unique interior. If you like their store you should stop by and visit it in Wynwood. 

That area has lots of good shopping places also just like LeLabo. 

One of my favorite place was for food, drink or just relaxing Wynwood Yard. I ate a delicious vegan bowl and drank matcha tea. Such a cool place in a vibrant outdoor setting in the Wynwood Arts District.

3- Design District: On top of my wish list was visiting the Design District. There you can find high fashion designer boutiques and stores. Even worth a visit just to admire the architecture or just to walk around and get a coffee.


4-Night life: I am not really a party person anymore. Maybe just because I am getting old hahaha But even back then I didn’t really enjoy crazy parties. I love good cocktail bars with a nice view. In Miami there are plenty to choose from. I decided to spend my evening at the Sugar Bar for drink. It is on the top of the EAST Miami hotel. They have a great view and light dinner. I highly recommend going there before sunset. You can enjoy the gorgeous Miami view with your drink. 

5- South beach: Tourists love South beach, but it is not my favorite one in Miami. If you are looking for a good place to hangout and chill, then I highly recommended Nicky beach. You can find these beautiful 50s style hotels all along the strip. Please try the Cuban food while you are in Miami. I had lunch one the cuban restaurant there randomly. it was good.

6- Key West Beach: Yes, Key West Beach is not exactly in Miami but a great excuse to rent a convertible and drive down the islands. Since you are in Miami why not you are going there? It's close and the beach and sand is better than in Miami I believe. Its about 3,5 hours to drive but definitely not a boring one. It's a beautiful ocean drive over the islands. There are so many beaches on the way and you can stop on the side of the road soak up some sun. If you like beach hopping then it's the perfect trip. The sun is really strong in Miami so please don’t forget to use tons of sun screen.



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